Six-year-old's Sandy drive mobilizes school, community

      Nadia Crowe, 6, is organizing a supply drive for Sandy victims.

      You could call six-year-old Nadia Crowe an old soul. Something disturbed her deeply, as she watched families on the East Coast displaced from homes during Superstorm Sandy last week.

      "People were getting hurt," Nadia said. She wanted to do something to help them. She started by putting some of her own clothes and toys in a bag and got her parents to help get the word out.

      "She's always been that way, she's always been very sweet and loving,â?? Nadiaâ??s mother, Maureen Crowe, said.

      Nadiaâ??s small idea is now a community-wide drive to collect clothing, food and other necessities to send to storm victims.

      When Susan Wiley got wind of it, she knew she had to donate her hand-made quilts.

      Wiley dropped several of them off at Reid Elementary School in Grand Blanc Wednesday.

      â??She just put that sunshine right back into me and sparked the spark that I once had and now I have it again because of her,â?? Wiley said.

      First-grade students at Reid also kicked off a penny war this week, pitting classes against each other. All proceeds - pennies and 20-dollar bills â?? are going to families affected by Sandy.

      "This young one right here shows the true colors of our flag,â?? Wiley said.

      Itâ??s just one example that goodwill doesn't always come in big checks or large hauls. Sometimes it comes from a little girl with a big heart.

      Nadia and her sister Viola have already collected canned goods, and are asking for donations from the public via Facebook. They are collecting and shipping donations until December 31. Items will be distrisbuted across the Northeast.

      For more information on how to help, please email

      You can drop off donations at the following addresses:

      Nadia's home

      7415 Rory St.

      Grand Blanc, MI 48439

      Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic

      521 N. Leroy St.

      Fenton, MI 48430

      Sally Beauty Supply

      10582 Highland Rd.

      Hartland, MI 48353

      Reid Elementary School

      2103 Reid Rd.

      Grand Blanc, MI 48439

      The Bridge Church

      1114 University Ave.

      Flint, MI 48504

      Resale City, LLC

      6398 W. Pierson Rd.

      Flushing, MI 48433

      You can also mail donations to:

      Nadia's Love

      C/O McGuire Chiropractic

      740 Rt. 34

      Matawan, NJ 07747