Ski instructors urge extra safety precautions during low temperatures

Skiers at Apple Mountain in Freeland

It's business as usual on the slopes at Apple Mountain and even seasoned skiers will admit itâ??s a little chilly.

â??It's been very cold,â??says Kathy Schofield, director of marketing at Apple Mountain.

But itâ??s not too cold for the third graders from the Carrolton school district who were on a field trip Thursday. While they're on the beginner slopes, ski instructors are keeping a watchful eye.

â??To make sure they're not suffering from any frostbite. We check them for hats, gloves, appropriate wear,â?? says Jim Schofield, director of snow sports at Apple Mountain.

"I have a lot of clothes on to stay warm,â?? says Karina McCune, a third grader.

While medical officials urge skiers to take frequent breaks, Kathy Schofield is also making sure the kids are getting plenty of hot cocoa.

â??Just the fact that they come in and sit down with their friends for a while and relax and get warm, they'll head back out there,â?? says Schofield. â??They'll be okay,â?? she adds.

Schofield says the temps in the teens a­ren't too bad. It's the wind that sometimes forces ski-ers to try again on a somewhat warmer day.

â??We've seen some of the schools reschedule and it's mainly because of the wind-chill. The teen factor with the temps, you can dress for that,â?? says Kathy Schofield. â??It's that wind that kicks up that causes the real problem,â?? she adds.

With the wind staying calm Thursday, the third graders from Carrolton tried their best to stay warm.