Skip the harsh cleaners. Get some vinegar.

Dr. Dan Kehres

During his weekly segment on healthy living on NBC 25 Today, Saginaw Chiropractor Dr. Dan Kehres says all those harsh cleaning solutions you may have in your house, may be harming you.

Dr. Kehres says vinegar can be used on floors, windows and countertops. If the odor offends you, add some smell to it. But vinegar is a great solution that's safe for babies, pets...anybody.

He also has some other advice. Forget those dryer towels. "Full of chemicals", he says.

From Dr. Dan's website:

True health is total health. One aspect of total health is reducing the toxins in your environment.

A recent study by the EPA stated that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air.

White vinegar is non-toxic and inexpensive. It can be used to clean almost anything!

For general cleaner mix half water, half white vinegar and a few drops off essential if you want a scented cleaner.

To mop your floors, we use the same mixture. It is safe for kids and pets too!

Another simple way to create a healthier home is to remove two common sources of chemicals from your laundry room -- fabric softener and dryer sheets.

Here are some of the chemicals found in commercial fabric softeners and dryer sheets:

Alpha Terpineol: can cause central nervous damage and respiratory problems

Benzyl Acetate: linked to pancreatic cancer

Camphor: causes central nervous disorders, is easily absorbed through skin

Chloroform: a carcinogenic neurotoxin that warns inhalation can be fatal

Ethyl Acetate: a narcotic that can cause liver and kidney damage

Linalool: causes central nervous system disorders and depresses heart activity

To reduce toxins in your laundry, replace dryer sheets with dryer balls. Plastic dryer balls can be found at many home good stores, but wool dryer balls are your best option. They help reduce drying time (saving money) and help soften clothes too. To find wool dryer balls locally, visit Sweet Peach Baby Boutique in Bay City, Mich.

Also, try swapping out fabric softener for white vinegar. Fill a Downy Ball with white vinegar and throw in the wash on top of the laundry. It works great, is a natural antibacterial cleaner and fabric softener. And it doesn't leave your laundry smelling like vinegar.

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