Smartphone apps can help visitors navigate the tall ships

Tall Ships of the 21st Century

A couple of smartphone apps can help visitors learn more about the tall ships in Bay City this weekend.

Tall Ship Celebration: Bay City is a free app that has information on this year's event. It can send push notifications to let you know about events happening throughout the weekend. It also has wait times for touring the ships and the ability to share your experience with others. The app is available for both the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Another app, made by Glendale Nautical, is Tall Ships of the 21st Century. This covers tall ships from around the world. This 99-cent app is available for the iPhone. This app covers the Bay City event with locations and driving directions, as well as other events in the Great Lakes and the Baltic Sea. Their mobile app features listings of regional tall ship events and local events, including Bay City and Helsinki.

This app has information on over 60 tall ships. There are photos of all of the ships along with the history of each vessel. Lee Schneider, the president and founder Glendale Nautical, said that most of the interest in their app as well as their calendars and CDs, comes from the Great Lakes region.

This app is available on the iPhone and the iPad.

You can download Tall Ships of the 21st Century at the iTunes app store.