Snow calms by Saturday, Negative temperatures return next week

Another arctic cold front will send our temperatures spiraling down by the middle of next week.

To clear up a few things about the Polar Vortex you are going to hear a lot about again, it is a real thing that is always over the north pole, but is not a storm system as is constantly mentioned.

Imagine a hat with tassels, thats the vortex over the north pole, and sometimes the jet stream (wind) will bring a tassel in front of your eyes.

This is what happened last time and this time as well, we get a piece that swings down because it gets caught in the jet stream, bringing us abnormally cold air.

Before that point, we have scattered snow showers to watch for the rest of today along with flurries through the weekend.

Check out the video for the full forecast and SHARE so everyone is ready for this next round of arctic air.