Snow showers and sunshine

A break from the winter barrage is on the way.

Snow showers tonight will end by noon tomorrow and bring 1-2 inches across the southern counties, about an inch to the north.

Sunshine returns with clearing skies to start the week, a few extra clouds at first then more plentiful sun by Tuesday,

With the clearing comes the adverse effect of below zero nights.

Monday night we hit a low near 5 below zero, but we rebound quickly Tuesday.

Thursday brings about a run above zero.

While 34 degrees may feel like the tropics to a few people considering our amount of below zero days, it won't stick around for long.

After rain and snow on Thursday, we dip back to the low 20's, add the sun again, and stick around normal to end next weekend.

Overall, this week is pretty simple from a forecasting perspective, but use what sun we get to recharge those batteries!