Snow this week, turning warm, and warmer next week

One models forecast for next week, several others in agreement.

This forecast has 3 main points to go over, one cold and 2 warm.

The first is that while we start the week with sun, snow returns on Tuesday.

This system will no last long but will drop about an inch or a little over that before switching to a wintry mix by the evening.

Towards the end of the week we warm up as a wintry mix hits on Thursday and switches entirely to rain on Friday.

We head into the weekend with partly cloudy skies and switch to sunshine on Sunday, remaining near 40 degrees.

That covers the first 2 points, the last is important and there is a lot of uncertainty here and we enter the real of long range forecasting, so bear with me.

Monday the 31st is the Detroit Tigers opening day, and this year it may be quite warm.

The second image attached shows ONE forecast model showing temperatures higher up in the atmosphere, and they are quite warm for this time of year.

With temperatures like that aloft, at the surface we could see mid 50's to low 60's.

While this is only one model I would normally not even mention this because of how far out it is and how quickly it could change, but there is a catch.

Several other models ALL agree with the GFS model on this, including the European model that has done well with several of our large systems this winter.

The winds should also be from the southwest which means it WILL NOT be moving over the still ice covered lakes and therefore will not cool off.

Again, this could change.

We need to watch this closely, because any chance we have a warm opening day is cause for dancing!

The chance for rain is still too far out to make an accurate call so right now I am going to refrain from saying if it will be wet or dry that day.

Bottom line, 7 days from our latest snow system on Tuesday we could be well into the upper 50's or even low 60's for a couple days.

Stick with myself, Jason, and Ty and we will make sure to keep you informed on the most recent information.