Snowfest frigid cold helps Team USA local team from Freeland

It's cold, that is no lie, but these frigid temperatures and near record-breaking lows are a big help to the sculptors at Zenders Snowfest.

"Its gets more brittle, so it's easier to break stuff off" says Derek Sapikowski.

Derek, Eric Hutchinson, and Brandon Behm are teammates for Team USA-Freeland Michigan.

"Its both a lot of physical and mental work because it looks ugly for the longest period of time so we just try to keep working at it and coming back out after you're exhausted from the day before" says Derek.

"Actually, yesterday I was too warm, sweating and wearing too many layers so today I had to wear less" says Brandon.

Near record-breaking cold in Frankenmuth not hurting this team.

But at some point the cold does start to take its tole.

"You just have to stay active and moving and keep moving on and once the cold starts to hit just go in and take a break" says Brandon.

With the weather on their side, Team USA from Freeland is letting the cat out of the bag so to speak with it's design courtesy of some very special ladies.

"We're carving a cat on its side playing with a ball of yarn" says Eric.

"Our wives kept on wanting us to carve cats so finally this year we got around to doing it for them".

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