Snowstorm to start the week, then a heat wave

No doubt about it, this week is just all over the place with temperatures and precip.

We start off the week pretty cold, going into the negatives tonight, and then the Monday night storm will dump a large quantity of snow on our heads.

Following that, we melt the snow and welcome in the seasons first real day of flood risk.

The Grand Rapids NWS office has already issued advisories, but Detroit will not just yet, and here is why.

The amount of snow in the short amount of time is a high end advisory, that is a definite, so at the very least we will see an advisory.

However, there is the SLIGHT and I mean SLIGHT chance it would be a winter storm warning.

That depends on a lot of atmospheric variables that decide how much energy this thing has to work with.

More than likely, it will be an advisory, but there remains that chance we could see more snow and that would require a higher call.

So they are going to wait a little bit longer, since right now it is not pressing, and issue one of the two by the morning at the latest most likely.

For right now, it is 3-6 inches and a very spotty 7 inch area.

Check out the video for the forecast, I go over the timing and what to expect.