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      Snyder talks fighting crime in Saginaw

      Governor Rick Snyder pictured with Saginaw Mayor Dennis Browning and Saginaw Police Chief Brian Lipe.

      Governor Rick Snyder made a stop in Saginaw on Tuesday, talking public safety, and applauding a dip in violent crime. However, his political opponent and community leaders are pushing back. saying more investment is needed.

      ??Over 20-percent for violent crime and property crime. I think good progress is being made,?? says the republican governor.

      City leaders say the progress is all thanks to partnerships with state law enforcement leading to a change of culture in Saginaw.

      ??We??re a big momentum shift whereas before it was, across the board, a no-snitch code. Now, we're seeing that giveaway a little bit,?? says Brian Lipe, Saginaw??s chief of police.

      ??People are now calling Crimestoppers and yea, it's a good time for our city,?? says Pastor Larry Camel with Parishoners on Patrol.

      He says investment into after school programs is what Saginaw really needs to keep the good times rolling.

      ??We see a lot of funds going to state police to stop crime but i don't see it in the non-profit world,?? adds Camel.

      Snyder??s November opponent is promising that investment.

      ??We need an approach, a community approach to our schools but we have to start by putting money back into public education that Rick Snyder took,?? says Mark Schauer by phone.

      While the politicians duke it out, Camel is hoping the dip in crime is more than just a dent.

      Snyder says more state troopers will be assigned to Saginaw once the current recruit school is over. However, the governor wouldn't say how many.

      NBC25 also asked about the state helping the Flint Police Department amid looming budget cuts.

      The governor would only say he's committed to keeping crime down.