Soldier surprises Mason Elementary student during year-end celebration

Staff Sgt. Luis Bratic surprises son, Christopher, at Mason Elementary Thursday.

Christopher Bratic proudly sported his Army t-shirt to Mason Elementary's End of Year celebration Thursday. He wore his Army fatigues earlier this week to honor his Army dad, whose return he's eagerly awaiting.

Dad told him he'd be stateside later this month, but little does Christopher know a big reveal is in the works.

After 11 months training the Afghan national police, Staff Sgt. Luis Bratic can't believe he's in the same building as Chris.

"I just want to grab him,â?? Bratic said, wondering how Chris - the little goofball - will react when he sees his father.

"He's either going to do a fake faint on the floor, or he's going to run away,â?? Bratic said.

After singing with his classmates, Chris led them in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then, from behind the curtain, out of the crowd, stepped out a familiar face.

Staff Sgt. Bratic joined the recitation before picking Chris up into a warm embrace.

"I can't even describe it. It's just the perfect scenario right there. The perfect scenario,â?? Bratic said.

Bratic is on leave for two months. He plans to take Christopher to Chicago and enjoy the summer.