Some Flint residents concerned about discussions over possible sale of senior center

The Hasselbring Senior Center in Flint.

Discussions over the possible sale of a Flint senior center has some people concerned the center could close.

The Hasselbring Senior Center is one of two centers remaining in the city.

Some residents are concerned about recent talk of selling the building which is owned by the city but funded through a county millage.

Councilman Eric Mays says he is very concerned.

"That the building and the asset is sold by the Emergency Manager for one dollar. I prefer it being leased for one dollar," said Mays.

The county says the center is not being sold.

"There are no plans, set in stone, to sell the building. It was simply a discussion on what we can all do to keep Hasselbring open," said Lynn Radzilowski, Genesee County Senior Services Director.

The county says an agreement with United Senior Network, the non-profit running the center, expires on October First. The director of senior services wants the county board to extend the partnership and says the city would need to work out an agreement on the use of the building. She also says the renewal of the senior millage will be crucial for providing funding for all the centers in the county.

"This is where they fellowship. Instead of staying home in isolation and being alone, they come up here," said Pastor William Whitaker, a Flint resident who uses the Hasselbring Senior Center.

Genesee County residents will vote on the millage renewal on August 5th.

We reached out to Flint's Emergency Manager, but we did not hear back about his plans for Hasselbring.