Song raises money for Bay County organization, honors brother's memory

The 20-year-old musician who goes by the name 'Visionary' spent three years composing, rewriting and producing the track titled, "I Never Made It."

It's dedicated to his younger brother, Dustin.

"He was riding his bike one day and was hit by an older lady turning right on red and his lungs collapsed and he passed away," says musician, Patrick Wieszciecinski.

Patrick was 16 at the time and was devastated. Dustin's twin brother, John, was with Dustin at the time of the accident.

"They were my best friends they were really the only people I had,"

Feeling alone, he turned to one thing during that trying time in 2009. Music.

"I don't like to talk about my problems. I like to let the music talk for me. Eventually, got to a point where it wasn't me trying to deal with pain but help other people deal with their pain," says Patrick.

Three years and a lot of editing later Patrick is presenting his life story to the world. His song can be purchased online but the funds raised are not for his own gain.

"My goal for raising this money is to benefit these kids."

Kids like himself and his younger brother who when they were young frequented the Boys and Girls Club of The Great Lakes Bay Region."It's a good place for kids to go and it gives them a positive place for kids to hang out and be free and have fun and we don't have a lot of places around here."

You can purchase the song for a dollar. Every penny benefitting local kids and the memory of Patrick's brother.

"He was like my angel, they were my angels. I wouldn't have turned out the way I did if it wasn't for them."

Patrick's song is available online for $1 here.