Spaulding Township farmers deal with flooded fields

Days of rain have swallowed the fields on Dan Alderman's farm.

â??Like a lake,â?? he described. Like other farmers in Spaulding Township, the flooding is an unwelcome setback.

â??This is the worst it's been for me,â?? Alderman said.

By this time last year, Alderman was done planting his corn. No such luck, this year.

â??I've got 240 acres that's got about four to five feet of water over it right now,â?? Alderman said.

It'll be a slow start as he still waits for floodwaters to recede.

It's a similar scene in other parts of the county. Widespread recent flooding prompted Saginaw County commissioners to declare a local state of emergency Wednesday. They are asking residents to start reporting flood damage so they can seek state and federal assistance.

â??It's gonna be rough,â?? Alderman said.

Residents can call the Saginaw County emergency operations center at 989-790-5202 or 989-790-5243 to report flood damage between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Anyone with a flood emergency should call 9-1-1.