Spend the night in a haunted inn

True believers and skeptics alike can have a unique experience at a Mid-Michigan bed and breakfast.

Current owner of the Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast, Julie Chaperon, is a true believer in the supernatural. She says that she believes the Inn is haunted Because so much has happened to me, my family and guests that we know it TMs haunted by good spirits.

She says that many have witnessed the unexplainable events at the Inn, including doors opening and closing on their own, beds moving, mattresses being pushed up from below, the pulls chains on sconces moving and being pulled and some guests have actually claimed to have seen spirits.

Bay Port has a long history of supernatural activity. As one of the oldest settlements in the state, Bay Port history can be traced back to the 1800 TMs. It TMs one of those early residents that Chaperon believes is haunting the 3rd floor of the Inn. We believe it TMs Ora Wallace, who was the daughter of William Wallace. William Wallace was a prominent figure in the 1800 TMs; he owned the majority of the property in the Bay Port settlement, including the home that is now the Inn. Chaperon explains (Ora) would be locked up on the 3rd floor, due to her wild and promiscuous behavior by William TMs second wife. There is also a spirit on the 1st floor; it TMs believed to be William TMs first wife who passed away in the home. She tries to open all of the doors at night; we believe to check on the children.

The activity has been investigated by some paranormal groups, including Metro Paranormal Investigations. In their report of the investigation it says Many of the staff of the investigative team did have personal experiences while in certain areas of the inn.

As for how the owners deal with the haunting, Chaperon stresses they are friendly spirits and says It happens all the time, so we just disregard it as that they still live at the house with us.

For more information about the Sweet Dreams Inn visit their webpage.

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