Spike in violent crimes in Flint

There has been another spike in violence in Flint, after two separate shootings within a 24 hour period of time.

The latest shooting happened on Saginaw Street between Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Police say a man walked into auto repair shot with bullet wound to the neck. He was taken to a local hospital. His condition is not known.

The night before a man was shot inside the Paradise House of Liquor on Pasadena Avenue. He is listed in fair condition.

Those two shootings come on the heels of double homicide over the Easter holiday weekend.

Before the round of violence there hadn't been a homicide in a month.

"It's really devastating. I thought we were turning a new to speak," said Councilman Delrico Lloyd.

"We have a group of individuals in our city that have this mindset 'I can do whatever I want. I can commit crimes. I can kill. I can rob and it's okay,'"

Ed Graham used to be one of those individuals until he was convicted of stealing cars in 2005. After serving prison time, he says he turned his life around.

"I don't do drugs anymore. I'm not involved in criminal activities anymore. "

Ed is working through the Weed & Seed program run by New Path Inc. An organization that helps offenders with job training.

"They give us minimum wage and it also gives us a chance to get back in the work environment," said Graham

Ed says he's had no problem staying away from criminal activity because he says he's made up his mind. He's ready to be a law abiding citizen but it hasn't been easy. He says his criminal record has kept him from getting a job.

"When I apply they mention my criminal record. They think I'll steal from the company I guess."

It's a problem many men in his shoes face. Unlike Ed, many turn back to a life a crime and many residents pay the price.

"I think this individual (Ed Graham) serves as proof that they can turn their lives around," said councilman Delrico Lloyd.

Lloyd, who has lost several relatives including a brother to violent crime in Flint says residents also need to take a bigger role. If they have a friend or family member that know is up to know good, they should speak up. He says they should ask them to change or ask them to stop.