Stabbing victims testify as week one of Abuelazam murder trial wraps up

Elias Abuelazam (right) listened to several stabbing victims testify that he was the person who stabbed them.

The first week of testimony in the Elias Abuelazam murder trial wrapped up Friday evening in Flint.

Abuelazam is charged with stabbing Arnold Minor to death in early August 2010.

The prosecution called several witnesses Friday, including several stabbing victims who claimed Abuelazam attacked them.

"He tried to kill me. He stuck a knife in my liver," victim Tom Booker said.

Booker was stabbed while walking to a store on July 19, 2010.

"My body hurts. Its hard to get back in shape, just a horrible thing," added Booker, who spent three weeks in the hospital after the attack.

Antwione Marshall also took the stand Friday.

He was stabbed near Pierson and Fleming Roads on July 27, 2010.

"He grabbed me and just started stabbing," Marshall said.

Perhaps the most gripping testimony on Friday came from Shomari Williams.

Williams claims she was selling '8-balls' of cocaine with Darwin "G-Money" Marshall when Marshall was stabbed to death on July 26, 2010.

"When I looked up on the ground he was shaking, coughing up all kinds of blood," Williams said as she cried on the witness stand.

Williams is currently in prison on an unrelated robbery conviction, and she admits she was high on drugs the night Darwin Marshall was killed.

Testimony will continue Tuesday morning.

The prosecution says it expects to turn the case over to the defense Wednesday or Thursday.