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      Starlite gets a shot at reality TV

      Even at four in the morning, the parking lot of Starlite Diner is full. Minds set on filling their growling stomachs and many customers overlooked an important waiver on the door.

      "Cameras kind of in our face a tad bit," said customer Nick Huber.

      The town has been buzzing with speculation. A TV show could be in the works, but inside Starlite, cooks, waitresses and the production crew stayed tight lipped.

      "They didn't tell us what station they were apart of," said customer Jacob Grant.

      The owners of Starlite Diner said they signed a contract with TLC, preventing NBC 25 news cameras from going inside. They confirmed TLC is looking to get a glimpse of the graveyard shift. They will be shooting enough video in a four day span to edit a pilot show.

      The diner is well known for their large breakfast and dinner menu, offered 24 hours a day.

      "It's the best," said Huber.

      For that reason, Starlite gets especially busy, but still workers man a drive thru window and long lines that extends outside.

      On any given weekend night you can find 2 security guards patrolling outside the restaurant and even inside the restaurant. Customers said the network will have no problem finding drama.

      "People get kicked out, chased off, by security. I've gotten kicked off for singing the Michigan fight song. The security guard was a state fan," said customer Nicolas Luna.

      If you are looking for a chance at Stardom, head to the Starlight Diner, overnight. Crews until early Sunday Morning.