Start the climb up the temperature mountain.

Let me first say, yes we have a large amount of warm air on the way, but it will not be around for long.

I hate to give you false hope before I even get into the meat and potatoes of the forecast here.

Here is what is happening, starting off tonight a slight chance of rain over the northern counties, but mostly dry, and leftover moisture down south will leave us with some scattered morning fog.

Clouds dominate the area through Tuesday morning, but a lack of sun does not mean a lack of warmth.

As you can see on the 7-Day, we are going up, way up.

A southern flow, in a basic sense a lot of warm air from the south being brought up on the back of the jet stream wind, will bring us into a couple days of summer.

And then we drop, but not too far.

With the heat of the day on Wednesday, I would expect a few afternoon showers and possibly a thunderstorm.

The NWS is saving chances for rain all weak, mostly due to heating, but at the end a low pressure system looks to cutoff, basically stall, over us.

This leaves us wet for the weekend.

My issue is this, everything is 50/50 right now with model runs and the like.

I am sticking with a chance of rain, but leaving Friday dry as I expect the low to spin back west a bit as it becomes a cutoff low, as do several of the model solutions.

Enjoy the warmth, we will be cooler again later this week.

-Meteorologist Ahmad Bajjey