State and Flint police involved in standoff on Flint's north side

<p>The Michigan State Police and Flint police are actively involved in a standoff on the north side of Flint right now.</p>

*** UPDATE 3 6:35 pm ***

Officials are saying that police entered the home where they say Gaylor is holding up. Once the police entered the home, shots were fired at police and a state trooper was shot.

Police do not know of Gaylor was shot. Additional tactical equipment is being brought in and police are going to continue working to get Gaylor out of the home.

The state troopers injuries are non-life-threatening.

Stay with NBC25 online and on the air at 11 pm as updates continue throughout the evening.

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*** UPDATE 2 5:40pm ***

A large crowd had gathered near the scene of the standoff.

According to NBC25's Walter Smith-Randolph there are, "Bangs going off into home; crowd screaming, running down Sherman street."

All media and the crowd have been moved back to Saginaw Street.

The situation is still on-going. Stay with NBC25 on this developing situation.

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*** UPDATE ***

Flint police say that Daron Gaylor, who is a suspect in multiple shootings, is who they believe is inside the home.

Flint Police Chief James Tolbert said, "If he's listening, we want him to make contact with the EST team and express his interest to come out."

*** END UPDATE ***

The Michigan State Police and Flint police are actively involved in a standoff with an unknown suspect or suspects on the north side of Flint right now.

The standoff is taking place on Fulton and Sherman.

Witnesses heard gunfire and saw smoke. An ambulance has since arrived on scene. No gunfire is being heard at this time.

A press conference on scene is expected shortly.

NBC25's Walter Smith-Randolph is on the scene getting updates and will be at the press conference. Stay with NBC25 online and at 6 for continuing coverage.