State demands revised plan from Saginaw schools

The clock is ticking yet again for the Saginaw school district. The Michigan Department of Education is demanding a revised deficit elimination plan. This time the state is threatening to withhold the districtâ??s state aid for March.

â??I don't think they're rushing, I think they're coming together,â?? says John Hudson, a parent.

Saginaw parents are holding out hope, trusting district officials can get the deficit elimination plan right---this time around.

â??I think they're doing the best they can,â?? says Hudson.

The Michigan Department of Education is demanding a revised plan by Friday night.

No plan means no state aid.

â??We need to get it done, the state is not playing,â?? says Sue Rutherford, who represents the Saginaw Teachers Union.

State officials want to see the district's budget two years in advance.

â??We just didn't have the right format and that was basically because there wasn't enough time to put it in the right format,â?? says Rutherford.

The district's plan is to add eighth grade classes to Arthur Hill and Saginaw High while closing five buildings and pink-slipping 50 employees.

â??It has to go into M.D.E. in M.D.E's format. It's not just a regular spreadsheet,â?? says Dr. Carlton Jenkins, superintendent of the school district.

While officials crunch numbers, parent hope the cuts have come to an end.

â??I don't think it's right. I think they need to keep the school's open for the kids' education,â?? adds Hudson.