State lawmakers weigh in on Snyder's State of the State Address

The state capitol Wednesday afternoon.

If 2011 was the "reinvention" of Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder says 2012 will the "renovation" of Michigan.

The Governor opened his State of the State Address Wednesday night by announcing a new program called "Pure Michigan Fit", which he hopes will cut down on childhood obesity in the state.

The governor also spent time talking about Michigan's unemployment rate, which stands at 9.3%, down from 11.1% a year ago.

"Too many believe best days are behind us. We need to be positive, inclusive and confident that Michigan holds a bright future for our children," said Governor Snyder.

Gov. Snyder also spoke at length about public safety.

Four of the ten most violent cities in the United States are in Michigan (Flint, Saginaw, Pontiac, Detroit).

This is an area of great concern for lawmakers from Mid-Michigan.

"We have crime, of course we do. Our sheriff works with Michigan State Police. By taking those offices out, we didn't think it's a best practice for the area," said Representative Stacy Erwin Oakes (D - Saginaw), referring to the closing of the MSP Bridgeport Post last year.

"Public safety isn't just locking them up. Public safety, as Governor Snyder said, is a job," added Senator Roger Kahn (R - Saginaw Township).

Gov. Snyder has a forum on public safety planned for March.

Senator John Gleason (D - Flushing) says Gov. Snyder could have said more about positive things about Genesee County.

"I think he missed the beat tonight. We have a great opportunity for growth here in Mid-Michigan along the I-75 corridor," said Sen. Gleason.

Gov. Snyder is planning on hosting an on-line town hall meeting Thursday night on his Rick For Michigan Facebook page.