State medical marijuana board working to shut down all dispensaries, patients react

The state medical marijuana board is working to shut down all dispensaries in Michigan. (Photo: MGN)

The State Medical Marijuana Licensing Board may shut down all Michigan dispensaries in the near future.

This comes after discussions during the board's August 21 meeting.

The idea that all state dispensaries could shut down, has many worried about what it could mean for their health and the health of others.

One of those people is Stephen Montie, who actually attended the meeting.

He said board member Donald Bailey made a motion stating if dispensaries didn't close by September 15, they would not be eligible for licensure under the new dispensary licensing system that will be put in place on December 15.

The board didn't make a decision on the proposal, citing a need for more information.

But members of the Cannabis Caucus said even with no action, it's important to be prepared for dispensaries to close.

Something Margeaux Bruner, a member of Cannabis Caucus and Women Grow, said she worries the average medical marijuana patient doesn't know much about.

"We're present in meetings regarding licensure or evolution of the law," she said. "But people who are just patients, who are affected by this, have no idea what's coming down the pipeline and it's going to be very harsh."

Montie said the state needs to think about the effect something like this could have on patients.

"It's not the patients that are being put first and that's what needs to happen," he said. "And you have to allow continual access to their medicine for that to happen, so until the state has licensed alternatives to provide the medicine that the patients need, they should not shut down the existing dispensaries."

One big question is how the state would go about closing every single dispensary, since it would be a huge undertaking for law enforcement.

NBC25/ FOX66 News reached out to a rep with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, asking a number of questions.

All they could tell us was they plan to review the recommendation and discussion from the board and consult with the State Attorney General's office.

The rep said they are working to schedule a meeting before September 15 to hopefully make a decision.

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