State of Genesee County sends positive message

Genesee County leaders met Wednesday for the annual state of the county address.

Genesee County Commissioners received a gleaming review from county leaders and Genesee County residents.

"I''ve been here going on my seventh year. I tell you now I think we have turned the page," says Jamie Curtis-Chairperson of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners.

The annual state of the county address reflected on the positive strides made over past year.

Chairperson Curtis reflected on Genesee County's resonse to last year's flooding, expanding tourism, and balancing a budget.

But county leaders are also looking ahead.

"Our region must give abundant secure source of water," says Curtis.

Chairperson Curtis announced the county's push for the Karegnondi water pipeline that would secure weter from Lake Huron.

He also enforced Genesee's support of the I-69 International Trade Corridor and the expansion of local colleges and hospitals citing the need to seize every opportunity.

"Jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusion it will keep us moving forward."

County Commissioner, Omar
Sims says, "It was inspirational we talked about opportunities enhancement the vision talked about moving forward although we have challenges we're going to embrace opportunities."