State Police and Flint Lifeline knock on doors

Trooper Sarah Whitman leads the charge for Flint Lifeline.

Trooper Sarah Whitman of the Michigan State Police is knocking on doors inviting residents to the public safety forum tonight.

â??We want to show the communities how involved we want to be to combat the crime issues that are taking place here,â?? said Trooper Whitman.

Flint Lifelines has met before. Offering troubled residents a second chance even with a warrant for their arrest.

"They were not arrested that night. We told them what we wanted to offer them. Five of them signed up and three of them decided they didn't want to follow through they were arrested,â?? said Ira Edwards of Flint Lifeline.

The two young men who followed their program are now working and going to college. Flint residents are impressed with the program.

"I think it's great I really think its great I mean anything that will help the Flint area and the young people of these neighborhoods try to get themselves back together,â?? said Flint resident Joe Rolston.

Some invited to the event have been targeted by the police for small crimes in order to change their current way of life.

"They know that they can prosecute them. But instead of doing that what we try to do is offer them a lifeline. And let them know we will give you another chance you just have to be willing to work with us,â?? said Jeffery Hawkins of Flint Lifeline.