State Police search for Sex Offender Registration Act violators

Through the end of October, state police will be tracking down sex offenders who have not complied with the state's Sex Offender Registration Act.

There are 40,155 registered sex offenders across Michigan. 37,261 are in compliance with state requirements. Police are cracking down on those who are not.

"We physically go out and try to search for that person" says MSP 1st Lt. Gary Parsons.

Offenders had a 15-day window to report to local law enforcement and verify their address. In Lapeer, just one is not in compliance.

"Most of them that we have come in here are fairly good about taking care of their responsibilities where they have to tell us what cars they drive where they work they have to tell us their phone numbers," says Parsons.

Officials hope "operation verify," a statewide offender sweep, will hold offenders accountable.

The sweep is done at least once a year.

Michigan State Police maintains a list of the Most Wanted Sex Offenders that can be viewed online.