State police track non-compliant sex offenders

They had a window of opportunity but now that window is closed and law enforcement is on the offensive.

Police are cracking down on sex offenders who have failed to comply with Michigan's Sex Offender Registry Act.

It's a part of the state's "Operation Verify."

"Make them understand that we're looking and we will arrest you if you don't follow the rules," says Trooper Rick Jones.

Currently in Genesee County just over 30 sex offenders have not followed the registry rules. Officers say the sex offenders sign paperwork stating they know the regulations they must follow to comply with the Sex Offender Registry Act.

Trooper Jones attempts to track down offenders who do not comply.

"Check addresses, see if that person is there and make contact with them and then see the reason why they didn't verify. Sometimes we'll find out they don't live there or they've moved. Then they're in violation of registration act."

In many cases, offenders register abandoned homes or addresses where they do not live.

Operation Verify runs through the end of October.

Officers say community members often help by alerting police through tips.

To do so, you can visit