State senate blasted for not voting on medicaid expansion

Healthcare providers across Michigan agree, the senate needs to vote on the bill.

Governor Rick Snyder blasting his own party as the state senate takes summer recess without action on the bill.

Health care providers are now calling for legislators to head back to Lansing and make a decision.

Dawn is one of thousands who qualify for Michiganâ??s Medicaid program.

â??I have a lot of medical appointments and take a lot of prescriptions and the Medicaid helps a lot,â?? says Dawn, who did not want to give her last name. â??Otherwise, I would not be able to pay for it,â?? Dawn adds.

Up to 400,000 Michiganders like Dawn could qualify for Medicaid if the state legislature passes the expansion bill.

â??I think (giving) basic health care to people that don't have access to it is just one those things people should look at the politics and say it doesn't matter,â?? says Danis Russell, C.E.O. of Genesee Community Health.

But the Republican-controlled state senate is headed for recess with no decision.

â??Take a vote, not a vacation,â?? says Governor Rick Snyder (R).

Snyder cut short an overseas trip Thursday to blast his own party.

â??My understanding is they're going to recess and leave,â?? says Snyder.

Medicaid specialist Kathy Williams signs people up for Medicaid at Genesee Community Health.

â??They should've stayed and got the job done,â?? says Williams.

About 20,000 more people across Genesee County would qualify for Medicaid under the expansion.

â??People need to go to the doctor and have that coverage and not worry about getting a bill,â?? says Williams.

Healthcare providers agree, something needs to be done.

â??I can mimic what the governor said, you (senators) need to get back from vacation and do your job and vote,â?? says Barbara MacGregor, director of operations of Genesee Health Plan.

â??It makes me think that they don't care about the little people,â?? says Dawn.

NBC25 News reached out to local senators Roger Kahn (R-Saginaw) and Dave Robertson (R-Grand Blanc). Both were unavailable for comment Friday.