State Treasurer backs Flint's plan to join the K.W.A.

The battle over where Genesee County gets its water from continues. This time, the state is giving the county the green light to join the Karegnondi Water Authority. However, Detroit water officials are not happy about it.

The state treasurer is supporting the city and the county's plan to join the K.W.A. by approving a $50,000 contract. Now, Detroit water officials have until Monday night to come up with a counter offer.

â??I'm averaging $100 a month, that's in my condo,â?? says Cliff Thomas. Heâ??s one of many Flint neighbors who have had it with Flintâ??s high water rates.

Jeff Wright, the head of the Genesee County Drain Commission says help is on the way, if the city joins the K.W.A. Thatâ??s why he's happy to hear the state is backing the city's new water plan.

â??The treasury is reaffirming what we've been saying all along. Our numbers are accurate. We can bring the best priced water to our people,â?? says Wright.

But Detroit water officials say not so fast, joining the K.W.A. will cost flint a lot of money in termination costs.

â??It will run in the multi-millions of dollars in capital infrastructure improvements that Flint will have to pay back to the city of Detroit,â?? says Bill Johnson, spokesman for Detroit Water & Sewerage.

â??Anybody can terminate that contract by simply giving a one year notice. There are no provisions anywhere in that contract for any termination fees,â?? says Ed Kurtz, Flintâ??s emergency manager.

â??The city of Flint needs help with the water department now,â?? says Thomas.

Bill Johnson with Detroit water says they'll come up with a counter offer sometime Monday. Ed Kurtz and Jeff Wright say they'll look it over and come up with a decision sometime next week.