Statewide K2 ban goes into effect July 1st

K2 is sold in some stores as incense.

Michigan law enforcement and health officials can quickly remove dangerous synthetic drugs from store shelves under legislation approved Thursday by the Michigan House.

Senate Bill 1082 is part of a package that allows the state to quickly identify and eliminate illegal mind-altering products no matter what name or form they take by temporarily categorizing the products as a controlled substance.

"We must mobilize all of our resources to fight these extremely dangerous drugs and get them off our shelves as soon as they hit the market," said Glardon, R-Owosso. â??Our legislation gives law enforcement the tools necessary to protect our communities and young people."

The drugs, specifically synthetic marijuana and bath salts, have been linked to recent horrific crimes both in Michigan and in the United States.

The drugs contain strong stimulants that can cause increased heart rate, chest pains, dizziness, delusions, panic attacks, nose bleeding and nausea.

Patients ingesting these chemicals can be extremely paranoid and may not respond to usual calmatives.

Some individuals have been involved in homicides and suicides while under the influence.

Severe cases may require long-term psychiatric care.

The legislative package lists chemical classifications that are prohibited and grants authority to the Michigan State Police to remove those drugs from stores effective July 1 if businesses havenâ??t already done so.