Stay-at-home dad says he lost 42 pounds in 42 days on HCG Diet

Russell Ellis with his two kids and wife Constance / Chad Britton

We TMre continuing our series on alternative medicine.

NBC25 talked to a Mid-Michigan man who says he burned up to 4,000 calories a day, dropping 42 pounds in 42 days.

It TMs called the HCG Diet, but for some the method is a little controversial.

Losing weight is a daunting task when you need to do it, said 39-Year-Old Russell Ellis.

Three years ago Ellis hit 308 pounds.

Doctors told him he was on his way to being diabetic and having high blood pressure, when a friend recommended the HCG Diet.

You lose weight and you lose it fast. You'll lose three or four pounds a day for the first few days, said Ellis.

As a 39 year old stay-at-home dad, Ellis was desperate to drop the pounds after knee replacement surgery.

I knew I needed to lose weight so I could get out and do things with my kids, and chase the kids down, said Ellis.

Ellis did some research and decided to buy HCG powder on-line from a company in India, that way he could save some money in doctor's visits.

The powder is mixed with bacterial static water and injected into the thigh.

Ellis did this every day for 42 days.

The HCG is actually burning the fat out of your body, said Ellis.

What TMs controversial is HCG is an extracted hormone from a pregnant woman's urine.

It doesn't bother me. You know my friend that I learned of it was diabetic, and he was injecting lizard spit, so I guess it TMs better than lizard spit, said Ellis.

Ellis TM wife Constance says she was skeptical at first, but when she noticed the sudden weight loss changed her mind.

I think he looks great. I think he weighs less then when I met him back in 1993, said Constance Ellis.

On top of daily injections Ellis followed a strict diet.

For the first two days he stuffed himself.

You know ice cream, cappuccinos, said Ellis.

For the rest of the cycle Ellis was only allowed to eat a maximum of 500 calories a day.

Breakfast is liquid, you know I TMd have coffee and for lunch, I TMd have an apple and a four ounce piece of chicken, said Ellis.

Ellis says the HCG helped him not feel hungry and the side effects were minimal.

I don't know what it was, but rarely do I get cold, and I got cold, it TMs weird, said Ellis.

After the cycle is complete, Ellis says there is a six week maintenance period.

This period lets the body reestablish metabolism at the new weight.

Today, he consumes about 2,800 calories a day, but stays away from carbs, starches and sugars.

Ellis has done the diet three times now, and has lost 85 pounds since January.

Unless you have a fear of needles, he recommends the diet to anyone looking to lose 20 pounds or more.

HCG also comes in liquid form, but Ellis says he TMs heard it TMs not as effective.

The Federal Drug Administration doesn't approve HCG for any reason unless for fertility treatment.

The FDA also doesn't recognize it as a homeopathic drug and warns many HCG products on the internet are fraud.