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      STEM fair attracts students from across Michigan

      Local officials are pushing jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - also known as STEM careers - as jobs of the 21st century.

      Organizers from across Michigan held its first STEM fair Saturday at Delta College in University Center.

      It started with U.S. Senator Carl Levin as the keynote speaker.

      "He talked about the importance of technology education and how we have to be very careful in our efforts to reduce the deficit that we don't reduce the support for stem careers," said Gina Malczewski.

      Then a people participated in a panel, workshops and meet and greet informational stations.

      'We have nurses, chemical engineers, computer scientists. So they are available to strike up a discussion to talk about what they do and if some relationships come out of that, that lasts beyond today great," added Malczewski.

      The big question was of course, jobs.

      "We have people representing temporary employment here in the information area and people representing the local colleges as well to talk about what they have available as well," said Malczewski.

      If you go to one of the Dow stations, Nick Powell offered up some important information for students.

      Powell said students need to start thinking about their future in high school and stay driven.

      "It's much more efficient on a individual level to find it themselves because if you're waiting for someone to call you first you may not get the opportunity. . . network within the company. You're much likely to get a call back," Powell said.