Stiltwalker embraces 66-mile journey to raise awareness

Neil Sauter finished his three-day, 66-mile trek from Midland to Flint Sunday taking each mile by stride and on stilts.

Sauter is taking the strides to benefit United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan.

Not to mention, he's raising a lot of awareness along the way.

He calls his voyage--"Walk for no Limits."

Sauter suffers from a mild case of cerebral palsy and wants to help others.

We caught up with him in Birch Run Sunday.

"I think that everybody in life, whether you have a disibilaty of not, is going to face challenges and I think that it's important to have the mindset that no matter what the challenges are that you're going to face you'll find a solution to get past it" says Neil Sauter.

Sauter is making a similar journey next weekend from Muskegon to Grand Rapids.

The funds he raises will all benefit the United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan.

To learn more, head to Sauter's website.