Stores open early for bargain hunting shoppers

Retailers across the area opened early ahead of Black Friday.

Kmart opened at 8p.m. and Target opened at 9p.m.

Retailers are trying to make it easier for shoppers to spend their money during the holiday season.

Although, some shoppers say they feel forced to join the shopping frenzy to receive the deep discounts.

"It was better to have it late at night so people could stay at home with their families. Now they're not able to eat dinner because they have to wait in line," says shopper, Jessica Rutherford.

Jennifer Schloegl was waiting in line at Target. She says, "I wish they did it on Black Friday so people weren't out here and missing out on family time and stuff like that but if one store does it they all have to do it."

Select stores at the Birch Run Premium Outlets opened Thursday night as well.