Storms and a Monday scorcher

First things first, the next couple days will be filled with occassional storms and some could be strong.

Second, it's a very small threat but it's there so we have to watch for it.

Sunday afternoon and evenign the storms return in ernest with a slim chance for strong ones, mainly heavy downpours and wind with small hail.

Monday is a blast furnace, hot and dry.

We will be what meteorologists call capped, a situation where severe weather is difficult to have occur or even precipitation for that matter during the day.

BUT, it depends on how much energy there is in the atmosphere as we warm up, the front comes closer, and oisture continues to flood our way.

IF, BIG IF, we break the cap we should see several storms on the strong side but this is a big if.

Main time fram would be Monday night into Tuesday morning as the front blasts its way through.

Beyond Tuesday we cool down briefly then spike again towards the weekend.

And yes, there is sunshine expected for the 4th!!!

The temperatuer you see for Tuesday I am very apprehensive of and here is why.

In my gut we could hit 90 not only on Monday but Tuesday as well as the front clears us and we open the cloud cover right up.

However, I'm going to trust the models for a second and blend them with my thought on this and go warmer than guidance because I cannot ignore my gut on this one.

It will be hot, that is for sure, but Tuesdays high is still a point for me to watch so stick with me while I tweak it a bit tomorrow most likely.

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