Storms damage trees; knocks out power in Genesee County.

In Flushing the storm forced down this large tree.

Strong winds knocked down some trees this morning in Genesee County. 9-1-1 dispatch called crews to Flushing Township. A large tree was in the roadway at West Carpenter and Chickasaw, but it was quickly cleaned up. Although lightning and thunder rocked the area for brief periods this morning, no widespread damage is reported.

Statewide, a Consumers Energy spokesman says more than 7,100 of its customers are without power. Most should be restored by noon. Genesee County has 927 without power with most in the Davison area. Midland County has more than 1,000 customers without power, with most in the City of Midland. Shiawassee County has about 1 thousand people out as well. A Consumers Energy outage map shows most are in the Perry, Owosso and Laingsburg areas.

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