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      Storms head our way but so does sunshine

      First things first, the chance for strong storms tonight.

      What I'm looking for is the added instability this evening, which seems to be moving in.

      Here is the scenario: a cold front to our west is headed our way firing storms off along a line ahead of it.

      A few storms are already shooting up in Grand Rapids ahead of that first line.

      I do not believe tonight is a widespread severe weather risk, but several areas will see severe storms with hail and wind while most everyone else should get stronger thunderstorms at least once.

      Most everyone, but not all.

      The focus for the strongest right now is just an estimate, but I believe it would be focused around the Tri-cities area.

      The threat continues all night so I'll be staying in late and Jason will relieve me in the earlier parts of the morning.

      Monday afternoon we clear up nicely and warm up as well.

      Tuesday brings in a chance for strong storms again, same scenario, same timing too except a little more during the overnight.

      Beyond Tuesday we have sunshine until showers return at what looks to be the later part of the day Saturday.

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