Stray bullets spark gun ordinance debate in Clayton Township

Most townships have already drafted ordinances regulating how, and when people can shoot their weapons on personal property, except for Clayton Township.

Now, after increasing reports of stray bullets and negligent firing has township officials looking into what they can do to protect their residents and give police the power they need to make an arrest.

Police records uncovered by NBC 25 show a stray bullet hit this 2008 Saturn Aura June 23rd. It's is one of many incidents in Clayton Township.

"One of those bullets could hit them and kill somebody," said Clayton Township resident Charlie Stam.

Stam lives on a quite road in the township and he says the threat of bullets is getting too close for comfort.

"Sometimes its rapid fire and others times itâ??s, you know I don't know what other kids of weapons he uses," said Stam.

Stam's neighbors are part of a growing trend in Clayton Township. Police Chief Scott Pavlik says the number of reckless shootings reported is increasing and residents are alarmed.

â??Those bullets ricochet they could hit anyone," said Stam.

Which is why township officials are now drafting a gun ordinance the draft, seen only by NBC 25, will give police the teeth they need to enforce safety or make an arrest.

"That would probably just make me go and shoot it some more," said Clayton Township resident Simon Rashotte.

Rashotte feels the possible change effects his second amendment rights.

"I don't think anybody should have the right to tell you what to do on your own property," said Rashotte.

The drafted ordinance would require him to create a safe firing environment and limit how far he can shoot to keep everyone else safe.

"Who knows where itâ??s going to go, asks Rashottte. I don't worry about it."

"Itâ??s unsafe thereâ??s no two ways about it," said Stam.

Next, Clayton Township is going to present and discuss the possible ordinance during their town hall meeting July 10th.

To see the drafted ordinance go to the images section of this article.