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      Strong winds spark fires in Saginaw

      The side of a Saginaw home caught on fire after winds stripped a power line.

      Landscaping companies are spending most of Tuesday cleaning up fallen trees and debris in Saginaw. There were reports of a tree that fell on a home and wires causing fires Monday afternoon.

      "It knocked me over a couple of times. I'm kind of a big guy and it knocked me around. We were driving in it and it was real bad driving in it," said Scott Peters.

      Around 3:30 Monday afternoon, Peters was at his ex-wife's home off Superior in Saginaw, when he said massive winds interrupted him filing his taxes.

      "The lights started flickering and popping and it got real bright and we got nothing," Peters added.

      What was going on outside was winds up to 52 miles an hour. The winds weren't that strong for a lot of the damage. That is because, usually 65 miles an hour winds cause more damage. However, those winds Monday stripped a power line on the side of the house.

      Sparks flickered at the neighbors house, then the workers sawing down trees noticed the side of Peters' ex-wife's house on fire.

      "We think it's the wind and something about the neutral wires crossed on either the positive and negative. . . It knocked ours out and two or three houses down the road," Peters said.

      No one was injured.

      "We were alright. We were glad nobody was hurt. That's the thing structure you can replace," Peters responded.

      Consumers Energy reported that there were more than 100,000 outages statewide on Monday.