81 / 64
      86 / 67
      88 / 68

      Stronger heat and storms on the way

      Get ready to hydrate because summer is about to come back with a vengeance.

      I went with dual 90 degree days for Monday and Tuesday, but it takes a brief second to explain.

      Several models suggest that Monday will not reach quite that high, in a way I almost hope they do not which I will also explain.

      My main reason for keeping it at 90 is the fog, which is also the reason models went lower.

      I am expecting the fog to be there, but much lighter and to dissipate quickly leaving the majority of the day to jump the mercury up.

      Models had the fog holding longer which would help limit heating and lower the diurnal afternoon effect.

      Now, the reason I hope not everyone sees 90.

      Tuesday a cold front blasts through so we welcome the mix of hot and cold air.

      Obviously this is a setup for storms Tuesday evening.

      The more build-up we have Monday in to Tuesday, the more energy there is.

      Right now I am going with an isolated severe threat on Tuesday, watching for wind and some hail, while beyond Tuesday holds showers and storms of the weaker variety.

      Friday through Saturday morning should be dry and fro right now I am keeping it dry through Sunday but I am watching a system still pretty far out that could change that.

      For now guidance looks good through Friday, keep an eye on next weekend and we'll update you as we go.