Student threatens to harm others, Davison Schools investigating

NBC25 has confirmed Davison Community Schools officials are investigating a threat they've received from a Hahn Intermediate student earlier this week.

The incident happened earlier in the week but parents weren't notified until Friday. Many parents in the district told NBC25 they feel parents should been notified immediately.

Posted below is a statement from Superintendent Eric Lieske.

"They keep us aware of child molesters and of medical outbreaks. You would think this would be pretty important. I would want to know if my child would be in danger from someone else at school," said Davison resident Lindy Lemcool.


We want to inform you of an incident that occurred earlier this week at Hahn Intermediate. A student reported to us that a classmate had compiled a list that included the names of several Hahn students that she would like to harm.

Our Hahn Intermediate administrators investigated immediately and located the list in the student's locker. It included the name of eight Hahn students.

We have contacted or left messages with the parents of those students whose names appeared on this list. We are confident that these children - as well as all Davison students and staff - are safe.

However, please be assured that we are taking this matter very seriously and the District will not tolerate such behavior. The student has been removed from school and the appropriate discipline will be administered once the investigation is completed.

We are very appreciative of the quick action taken by the student who reported this matter to us. Because of the student's action, the District was able to deal with this incident swiftly.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Holly Halabicky, Principal, at Hahn Intermediate at 591-0839 or Mrs. Donna Whitley, Director of Special Services, at 591-0913.


Eric Lieske Superintendent