Students and family meet with new school districts in Saginaw County

The boundary lines are clear about who is going where but the districts are taking tonight to explain the logistics like busing, school registration and an open house.

Saginaw Intermediate School District Superintendent Richard Syrek says each of the three new districts is trying to provide a comfortable transition. Tonight students and family are going into classrooms where each district is presenting specific instructions to make sure the first day of school goes as smooth as possible.

"its difficult, all of a sudden there are a couple hundred students coming into your building and you find out in august so those people at each of those districts are working very hard to make i t happen without a hitch," said SISD Superintendent Richard Syrek.

Since announcing the dissolution of the Buena Vista School District parents have voiced their need to tour the new schools. Syrek says open house dates have not been announced but they are up to the individual districts.