Students at local high school get cash for tips about drugs and weapons

Student that report tips about drugs or weapons on campus could get $50 through Fast Fifty program.

It's called Fast Fifty. It's a pilot program at Corunna High School. Students can anonymously report a tip about drugs or weapons on campus and if it turns out to be true, they could get $50.

Corunna High School is one of three schools in the state participating in the program. The program which is ran through Crime Stoppers, was started in the fall of 2011.

Principal Leo Constine said the tips are anonymous. The only person who will know the identity of a tipster is Constine. Constine said he will investigate to make sure the tip is legitimate and will make sure there are no vindictive reasons behind a tip.

If a tip turns out to be credible, Constine will notify parents and the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department.

Constine would not give exact numbers but said he has had few tips turn out to true. He said the school does not have a problem with drugs or weapons but he wanted to be part of the program as a proactive step.

"We don't feel we have problems but we are not naive enough to not be aware that it could happen," said Constine.

"In that environment, the students are so much more likely to see drugs or weapons on campus that an authority or faculty member. This program allows them to report it to administrators," said Detective Lt, David Kirk of the Shiwassee County Sheriff's Department.

"I didn't think it would work at first. I thought people would get beat up. I see people are actually getting the courage to get up and say we need to stop this in our school," said ophmore Stacy Nanasy.