Students learn about John F. Kennedy in history class

Students in Mr.. Henige's 7th grade history class learn about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Mid-Michigan joins the country in reflecting on the life of President John F. Kennedy assassinated 50 years ago Friday in Dallas, Texas.

To many, November 22, 1963 is a memory.

To others who are too young, it's a history lesson.

Books are open, eyes are wide in Mr.. Henige's 7th grade history class.

7th grader, Jeff Lepow recites what he's learned.

"John Fitzgerald Kennedy shot in Dallas, Texas from a library window by Lee Harvey Oswald," he said Friday.

To the students it's text-book history.

"They understand the tragic scope of it but I don't think they get the scope of the president driving around one day doing some campaigning and being murdered," said New Lothrop history teacher, Charles Henige.

"I wouldn't be able to imagine it," said 7th grade student, Victoria Poletti.

But Henige is helping students grasp how this major event changed the course of history.

"That was the first time probably when something this tragic happened in a time period where that news could be released really quickly," said Henige.

"Within an hour the whole country knew about it," reflects Poletti after Friday's lesson.

Pictures and lessons from their teacher educating the next generation about the event that changed so much.

"They say that was the day America lost its innocence," said Henige.

President Barack Obama has declared the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination as a Day of Remembrance.

He has ordered all flags at half-staff to commemorate the anniversary.