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      Students prepared for second debate

      Flint residents are getting prepared for tomorrow??s presidential debate. The town hall style format at Horstra University is giving President Obama what some students are calling a second chance after Romney??s aggressive performance in the first debate.

      ??I heard a lot about it that's why I kind of want to watch this next one,?? said Jordan Harris.

      59 year-old Eli Muhammad is paying close attention to the debate because he doesn??t want to see his school work go to waste.

      ??I would like to see the president carry out his plan. I'd like to know what Romney plans on doing for the people and if he is elected is he going to cut all this out and the last three four years of school was for nothing,?? said Muhammad.

      While unhappy with Obama??s work thus far Jordan Harris is looking at tomorrow??s debate as a great opportunity.

      ??It is a re-election so it is an opportunity for change or and opportunity for Obama to redeem himself. So I kind of want to see what's going to be said on both of their behalf,?? said Harris.

      The first debate erased the presidents lead in Virginia and reduced it in other swing states.

      Meantime, Mitt Romney??s likeability has skyrocketed since the Denver debate.

      However, Flint residents are mostly worried about what the election can do for them.

      "More about the people you know, what they can offer and do for us,?? said Nick Bailey.

      "There's just average people around here. I know we get money advanced to us for education and I'd hate to see Romney come in and cut all that out,?? said Muhammad.