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      Students say gun pointed at school bus

      Two elementary school students say someone pointed a gun at their school bus.

      The school district took action, but some parents think officials went too far.

      This situation has created somewhat of a debate about whether this type of information should be spread out to the masses.

      Two students attending Morrish Elementary reported seeing someone in a house pointing a gun at their school bus.

      School officials followed up with a letter to parents saying police are investigating.

      Desiree Young lives close to Swartz Creek Middle School. She has a two children attending Swartz Creek Schools. She says, "To learn that someone was pointing a gun or if they were, whatever, it's a scary thought."

      Neither of Young's children attend Morrish Elementary. She did not receive a letter. "Regardless if it was my child's school, if it's the surrounding area, I would want to know about it," says Young.

      The district did not want to comment about it's actions but indicated to NBC25 that police found there was no real threat.

      Still, some parents say the school overreacted because they say the letter created unnecessary panic.

      Ivy Ernest, who lives near Morrish Elementary says, "It could be taken either way. If something did happen, something did not happen, I think if you wait, though on the other hand, if something does happen then the parents may say 'Why wasn't I notified at the beginning?'"

      Swartz Creek parent Amy Ferris says, "If they actually saw a gun, it can be a scary thing for kids, you know. Some kids know what they are and know to leave them alone, some don't."