Students still feel safe

After an attempted robbery on Sunday on the University of Michigan-Flint campus; I spoke with students on Monday night.

They tell me they feel safe and professors always encourage them to use the buddy system and never walk alone.

On the campus NBC 25 cameras caught several students walking alone after dark.

Champagne Caldwell an early college student tells me that's never a good idea.

"I always have friends I walk with."

Sunday night a student was approached here by two males who demanded his backpack and wallet he refused, but says he heard a gun shot as he ran off.

Despite the incident, students tell me they still feel safe.

"They have phones everywhere and they have like the public safety offices," said Lauren Oliver, a sophmore student.

"They really do monitor everything with the e-mails they keep you updated with everything."

Less than one hour after the attempted robbery on Sunday, University Relations sent out this e-mail alerting students, staff, and faculty.

"The biggest thing on our campus is right from the beginning when anyone comes here we have a dialogue about safety what our policies are and what our procedures are," said Jennifer Hogan, Media Relations Director for the university.

"We want people to know while they're focusing on their studies, that we are actively trying to maintain our campus as a very safe place."

The college campus is secured by the school's Department of Public Safety.

We saw a patrolman making his rounds on campus.

There is also a blue light system that makes it easy for anyone to call for help.

"You can call campus security and they will walk you out, if you need it," said Aaron Hawley, a fourth year student.

We hope you are never in a robbery situation, but here are some ways to protect yourself.

First, don't panic.

It's very important not to resist; give the robbers what they want, valuables can be replaced, you can't be.

Obey the robber's instructions.

Pay close attention to how they look, talk, any distinguishing characteristcs that can help the police track a robber down.

The University says this is the seventh such incident in the past 53 years.

An investigation is underway.