Stuffed burgers for dad on Father's Day

If you've never tried a stuffed burger you are missing out!

Archie's Family Restaurant

stopped by the NBC25 kitchen Thursday to share the famous "stuffed burger" recipe. The stuffed burger is a great idea because it take the "boring" out of the ordinary burger.

The stuffed bacon and cheese burger was my favorite from the morning! It was not only stuffed, but also topped with bbq pulled pork and cole slaw! Janet couldn't resist the stuffed bleu cheese burger.

Now, we all know most "men" are really into burgers! I thought the stuffed burger would be perfect for dad this Father's Day! If you're interested in making this at home for dad, check out the easy recipe below!

Stuffed Burgers
Archie's Family Restaurant - Davison


1. Ground sirloin

2. Choice of suffing. You can use anything: bacon, cheese, bleu cheese, feta cheese, etc, The list is endless.

3. Hamburger buns


1. Make two thin large patties with the ground sirloin.

2. Take your choice of "stuffing" and sandwich it into the middle of two of the thin patties, press down.

3. Throw the burger on the grill or in your pan.

4. Devour.

Idea: You could even have a "stuffed burger" bar. Set out a ton of different topping ideas and have your guests make their own and hand them off to the "grill master." (or dad.) I'm sure even dad's like to be the grill master on Father's Day!

What will you be cooking this Father's Day at your house?