Substitute teacher charged with duct taping mouths of elementary students

A substitute teacher in Flint is facing 15 counts of assault and battery after being accused of putting duct tape on the mouths of 16 children.

Police officials began to investigate when they received reports that the substitute teacher had, on multiple occasions, put duct tape on the mouths of students at Brownell STEM Academy.

In December, Flint officials said they were investigating, and had fired the teacher, after he reportedly put duct tape over a second grader's mouth.

Additionally, the substitute teacher claimed that the principal of Brownell also placed duct tape on his mouth, cutting his lip.

The investigation, ordered by Police Chief James Tolbert, found a total of 16 student victims. They also sought a warrant for the principal of Brownell for placing duct tape on the mouth of the substitute, but this was denied because the accuser was deemed to not be credible.

The name of the substitute teacher is being withheld until after he is arraigned.