Sugar: The Rodney Dangerfield of Sweetners

Dr. Dan Kehres

Poor poor sugar. It get's no respect. But a local nutrition expert says if you have to sweeten up your coffee (or iced tea or whatever), it's not a bad way to go.

Dr. Dan Kehres is a Saginaw chiropractor with a passion for nutrition. The former college football running back leads an extra-healthy lifestyle and urges you to consider doing the same. He's a regular contributor to NBC 25 Today. Dr. Dan is all about eating things that aren't processed and sugar products are no different. He showed us a host of artificial sweetners: aspertame, sucralose, etc. He says these products aren't good for your body because they're hard to digest.

Instead, stick with the all natural sweetners: honey, fruit and yes even sugar. It's better than the pink stuff: all chemicals. He also likes a product called SteviaPlus. It's all natural.

Dr. Dan's advice: be good to your body. Skip the food that contains chemicals. Stick with food that's all natural. Pretty simple advice.